What I have learned so far! Even Just a Mum can Blog!

Phew! What a full on few days it has been! So I have had this idea that I would like to share some of my ideas, recipes, kids activities etc. for some time now but with little or no knowledge of where to begin. In fact I am not even sure I have read that many blogs in the past so had almost zero idea of where to start!

But luckily for me someone clever invented Google and lots of lovely people have written so much on the subject that I decided to wade in and see what I could learn.

It would be safe to say I have made a mistake in almost everything I have tried, set up a weird blog somewhere that I can now not find, loaded a blog then could not get in for some reason – to be fair I am still not sure I have done it right!?!

It is a minefield of stuff & info for a novice, which blog host to use, what name to use, to pay for a domain name or go for the free one, how to link Facebook, twitter etc not to mention a steep learning curve on how to do this all legally, have had a few late nights after discovering something I had just loaded innocently was actually probably not even a little bit legal in the copyright world of photos, images and a deeply litigious society! Who knew a blog for sharing happy Mum stuff could be so involved??

So now I live in a world of widgets, posts, tweets, links, media files, site stats, dashboards, themes, customising and endless Google searches using the words how to!! Did I mention I am still “Just a Mum”!

I am not yet brave enough to share & link to the people in my life until I have the basics down but in the mean time it is lovely and confusing that some nice people have already found me and interestingly enough following me – who knew you could even do that! ha ha

So this is day four of blogging – just imagine what I will know by day ten!

Thanks for reading my musings and rambles – any advice or tips and tricks gratefully received!


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