Bathtime Fun! Shaving Foam Bath Paint

Foam ingredients

Who wouldn’t love to paint the walls while you are having a bath! My kids love this simple yet fun activity – takes no time for me to whip up and no time at all to clean up either when they are done! Would be great for little ones who are reluctant to have a bath at night, of course use appropriate products if your kids have sensitive skin etc – but for everyone else – you MUST try this!

You will need:

  • Shaving Foam (I buy the cheapest I can find – Homebrand here in NZ)
  • Food Colouring

I mix in bowls or sometimes I use muffin trays to make lots of colours

Simply mix the foam and the various colours together – you will want to err on the side of less is more so that the colours do not stain, but I have not had this happen but you never know! I pop a small table in the bathroom (an a towel on the floor) and let them go for it!

I give mine paint brushes but they always end up using their hands – you then give them a few plastic cups and a wash cloth and they love washing the walls themselves just as much!

Foam 1

Yes they can smell a little ‘manly’ once they are done so if you are bothered a quick wash off with the shower hose and they smell rosy again.

Foam 2

Super simple idea to make your little ones love their bath time!

Once they are done I simply use the shower hose and wash down the walls and give quick wipe over with a cloth. Shower often cleaner now than it was before the painting began!

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Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

P.S This is not an original Just a Mum idea, but I like it and its kind to share 🙂


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