Oh My……So this happened……lol

Probably on the Top Ten list of things for any Mum is never assume your kids are where you think they are and silence is not likely to mean they are happily playing in their rooms!!

So I finish up the dishes and find this……

hallway snow

Apparently it is snow! Pretty isn’t it? The girls sure thought so! te he he

Things to be thankful for:

1. That it was a ‘light’ dusting of snow
2. That they used toilet paper as opposed to ACTUAL snow!
3. That they limited it to only the hallway
4. That they amazingly thought my idea about being snow plows to clear a path for Mamma was genius – tidy up in less than 5 minutes – Yay!

Admittedly my first 4 thoughts were probably not things I was thankful for but rather What on earth!!!!!

Ahh kids, god love em’

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Perfect quote for today!

Perfect quote for today!

4 thoughts on “Oh My……So this happened……lol

    • Oh dear – honestly this happens so often to Mums at our school – me included – almost like a right of passage for Mums & kids – it will grow back but why do they so often take off the whole fringe at scalp level If you don’t laugh you cry….. 😉

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