My Top Ten Cute & Funny Cat Videos

Ever found yourself randomly watching funny cat videos for longer than you care to admit?

Well prior to being a cat owner I didn’t understand what the hype was about. Oh but now I know!

I have done all the hours of watching for you and this is what I have come up with – this is MY top ten – given there are millions of videos out there I am sure you know of more!

Sit back and enjoy the extreme cuteness…….

1. Surprised little kitten…..all together now……awwww

2. Kitten + Hamster Ball = Total Cuteness

3. Nothing in the world like Mamma snuggles to make you feel safe…

4. Yep there… little to the left, to the right……ahhhh bliss…

5. Scaredy cat

6. Cat got your tongue? No – oh that’s HIS tongue…

7. Aww its a kitten in a cup – not sure WHY the kitten is in the cup but awwww

8. My one cat jump fail – sometimes they are a bit cruel but no cats were hurt in the making of this one!

9. Simply gorgeous – 5 cute kittens all together now….

10. And lastly it wouldn’t be Just a Mums blog if I didn’t include a cute baby and cat video to finish. Just Adorable!

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a nosy, an awww moment and a laugh at these cute videos.

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Happy Days 😀

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