Of Mice and Mums

So like most Mums after nine years of this gig I can cope with most things, vomit, poop, dribble, 2 month old apples under the bed, pet snails who have not been fed or watered for weeks – its all part of the job.

Do you know what is not and will never be part of my job description? Dealing with MICE……. I shudder to even type that. Uggh, I am a very tired Mamma this week and it is due to two tiny brown mice and one very cute but not so clever cat.

My husband works away a few nights each week which is going really well and me and the kids have a great wee routine and I have not lost any of them or forgotten to feed them once so we are doing well! That was until the night that changed it all…..

I was up late setting up my new blog – thank you for reading – finally got to bed around 1am, lights off and I can hear the cat having a spaz under the bed, I look under to see her run out with something that does not look like a cat toy in her mouth – holy crap! She runs down the hall and outside daughter #2’s room pops it down to show me (oh no baby girl Mamma is NOT proud) and of course the mouse takes off – cue 25 minutes of me standing in my daughter’s room in the middle of the night on a chair hoping she stays asleep while Gemma the cat plays a fun game of cat & mouse under her bed, with my heart rate through the roof in case the mouse comes for me (!) – my plan is that when the cat comes out with the mouse in her mouth I can encourage her to run outside one of the many now open doors. This only took an hour of her catching, dropping, catching, dropping her for me to finally get cat and mouse outside – phew and a few hours of sleep for me!

Well actually NO sleep for me as a huge Moth got in while all the doors were open so Gemma the cat proceeded to have a ball chasing and stalking the moth and of course with my heart rate through the roof I had to repeatedly check that it was indeed a moth and not another mouse every few minutes…..

So that was fun, given we have just had the house sprayed for spiders I was thinking spiders & mice were taking things a bit far!

What makes it even better was that I texted my husband in the morning and his response…..”what a good girl Gemma is!” ugggghhh boys.

So next night again a late one as I realise about 20 more things I was still doing wrong with my blog and I arrive in my room to see my sweet daughter #2 in my bed so as I go to lift her up to take her back to her own bed I notice Gemma with the snapping tail looking longingly at my dresser drawers….I think surely not but I think by now you know how this goes.

I was so tired I pretty much left her to it – until around 4am after only a few hours sleep wee mousy has obviously made itself known and Gemma is once again flying around the room – I again tried the open doors and window thing but she kept time and time again putting the mouse down to play with it – or just lovingly show me her cute little find and the mouse would again escape under a piece of clothing or into a shoe to the point I was going mental with lack of sleep, hating that there was a mouse in my BEDROOM – that the only option for me was to open the window wide and shut the bedroom door and leave her to it – a night in the lazy boy for me and a few hours sleep.

The next morning I went in to check and the poor cat & mouse must have been exhausted as Gems was still stalking her wee brown friend – by now she was inside my dressing gown which had fallen off the edge of my bed – so me and the girls decided that we would help Gemma out –  I decided to be brave and grabbed the closest thing to me – an icecream container  – and thought we would trap the mouse in that – there was no plan after that so I realise it has a few flaws! What I managed to do instead was kindly guide wee mousy towards my walk in wardrobe, with several girly screams for me as the mouse dashed around, through my legs and away from the cat – with my gorgeous daughter helpfully yelling “leave it alone Mamma its one of God’s creatures” and lots of leaping up onto the bed all I managed to do was shut a mouse in my wardrobe!!!

And there it stays as far as I know – I am not brave enough to go searching – I have set a trap (sorry to God’s creatures) and I am simply pretending it does not exist! Hubby’s job this weekend will be a full scale search in case the poor wee thing has passed away from Cat & Mouse exhaustion.

Yep I am a big girls blouse – I HATE mice, those tiny little things scare me half to death, I squeal, I jump up on chairs and in this regard am not in the slightest the tough capable Mum I have the world believe I am.

Alright enough talking about mice or I may just have to move house…..although our last one had rats in the garage…….. eeeeeek!

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