Make your Own – Sponge Water Bombs!

Sponge Water Bombs 1

I have seen this idea in lots of places on Facebook and thought what a great idea! Who doesn’t love a water fight in summer – but water bombs take sooooo long to fill, are fiddly and the fun is often over quite quick! And THEN you are left with hundreds of little pieces of balloon everywhere that you are still finding months later!

Sponge Water Bombs 6

Well this idea will stop that forever! Within minutes of me finishing these and filling a few buckets all 3 kids (and not long later my husband) were all outside – each with their own bucket having an epic water fight……our poor neighbours….. te he he! The best bit was they could carry on for ages, never ran out, there is no mess, they were soft so no tears, and the bombs can be set aside for the next time – have I convinced you yet???

Sponge Water Bombs 2

The ingredients are simple – all you need is budget kitchen sponges, rubber bands and scissors! I have seen people use string, fishing line, even cable ties – but our very old seen-better-days rubber bands did the job perfectly and makes these so easy to assemble!

Sponge Water Bombs 3

I cut my sponges widthways into approx. 15mm pieces (rough guess no perfect measuring here!) then in order for the colours to mix well I set them up in a pattern.

Sponge Water Bombs 4

Then you wind the rubber band around the middle – aiming to tightly wind the band around until it is tight as you can get it – the sponge pieces will then form into a ball – you may need to adjust the pieces to get them into ball shape.

Sponge Water Bombs 5

Then go ahead and make lots more – I used the budget brand so this whole game would have cost around $8 for all the sponges I purchased – cheap fun that you can use again!

Sponge Water Bombs 7

Then – and this is the important part – you fill a few buckets of water and place them several metres apart – then call the kids and watch the wet fun squealing madness! So perfect for a hot day.

Sponge Water Bombs 9

I hope your family enjoys this as much as mine did 😀

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Sponge Water Bombs 10

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