Soft as a Cloud Playdough – The Real Story

Soft as a Cloud Playdough 2

So I have seen this Playdough in lots of places around the net and thought oooh only 2 ingredients – smells nice – apparently feels amazing – LETS MAKE IT!!

So today we did, and it is super cool, soft, beautiful on your hands, easy to make, smells divine…..BUT…… Yep there is a but! Not a big one but its there as a warning to the first timers nonetheless!

First I will give you the lovely heart-warming photos and ingredients to encourage you to try this – and I DO think you should try it, it is quite a cool wee activity and my kids LOVED it with lots of oohs, ahhs, its so smooth, squishy, light and cloud like……


2 Parts Cornflour
1 Part Conditioner

Soft as a Cloud Playdough 1

I used budget conditioner in the first instance – no point using up large quantities of nice salon conditioner on Playdough!!

Now what I found was with this Budget Conditioner was that I needed to add heaps more cornflour as it was really runny – almost another whole cup! So I recommend adding a tablespoon of cornflour at a time until it becomes dough consistency.

Soft as a Cloud Playdough 5

I made a second small batch with a slightly better conditioner and did not need to add much more cornflour at all so it does have some bearing on the results.

I made one large batch of the original and then kneaded in different colours to small portions of it – and the kids loved playing with it – its so soft, light and a really delightful texture to work it.

Soft as a Cloud Playdough 3

So here is the BUT….. it is really messy to mix – cornflour is so light and dusty that the front of my shirt was a mess when I was done – as was the floor beneath me! White dust as far as you can imagine – also I now keep finding tiny little white handprints around the house!

Soft as a Cloud Playdough 4

When I made this a few weeks back the kids played with it outside and it barely lasted half an hour before it was crumbling and dried out – today was much better but still I am not sure how long this would last if not put away. We have since wrapped ours in plastic wrap so will see what condition it is in when we use it again later.

Soft as a Cloud Playdough 6

This all being said – if you are ok with mess (my floor did need a mopping so that wasn’t a bad outcome!) and happy with a bit of trial and error then I do recommend you give this a try – 1 cup of corn flour & half a cup of conditioner was what I used on the purple batch and that was a nice amount for one little one to experiment with.

Important Side Note: While us Mums on blogs might give you these ideas for activities never for a minute think that all is smiles and delight, clean houses and constantly happy kids – Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha excuse me while I gather myself – this is so often not the case, my kids are normal, they fight, they whinge, they love their Mum but sometimes might not like me very much, our house is a mess more often than it is show home ready, but as long as happy sounds outweigh unhappy ones I think I am doing ok…..well today anyway….. 😉

Let me know how you get on.

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Thanks for reading today… I am off to search for more cornflour handprints…..

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