The Things You Do for Your Kids….

So its birthday time in our happy household, our eldest is turning 9 tomorrow!!! I cannot believe it and more so it makes me aware just how long it has been since I have had a ‘real’ job!!

Anyway, more to the point it means parties, cakes, gifts & me trying to find my arty crafty gene which I fear is sorely lacking.

The main party is in a weeks time at our local hot pools – they will have a blast and it will be easy for me, lollies, chips, cupcakes and sausages on the BBQ – the laziest party I have done to date but they are 9 yr old boys and will not care at all what I feed them after 49 times up and down the hydro-slide.

But tomorrow is the actual day and even though it will just be us I thought I would make him a cake to make it feel special, next week is all Lego Chima themed so I decided I would make the next best thing for him – a Pittsburgh Penguins NHL cake. Sounds easy right – I have the figurines and lots of photos to work from. All this sounds great, except one small thing – almost no experience or skills with fondant, a complete lack of the afore mentioned arty crafty gene and its late, I’m tired and its a cake that only 8 people will ever see – oh and you guys.

Anywho, as expected everything that could go wrong did go wrong – my husband was concerned about the slightly hysterical laughing coming from my direction – shall I share my disasters with you

1. The fondant kept sticking to the table…..did I learn….oh no I did not….it happened 4 times!
2. Once I got it on the cake – how on earth do you make fondant corners???
3. The red colouring would only turn the fondant pink….makes sense I guess
4. The red fondant was a pain in my &*( to try and cut & stick in the shapes I wanted
5. So I went to red gel…..ugh I do not even want to talk about this gel stuff.
6. I stupidly decided to use blue gel for the rest…..see #5
7. The brush I used to spread the gel shed bristles EVERYWHERE – using a fine needle I spent 20 minutes removing over 30 tiny brush bits!!!
8. The buttercream I made to pipe around the base to cover the bad fondant work would not turn black – at best a light grey before I ran out of black food colouring!
9. Then the final triumph was the piping bag burst at the seams and I ended up covered in yellow butter cream but determined to just get it done!

However, I finished it – I even took a photo for your amusement – not a close up you must understand I have some pride – but I feel it my duty to share with you so now you know that most Mums are just normal folk making bad cakes in a effort to make their kids happy & amuse random strangers on blogs.

Oh the shame – here tis’

Penguin Cake


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