Simple Fun – Tramp Balloons

Tramp Balloons

With the big kids back at school this week my 3 year old is looking longingly at me to be her friend – and there are only so many times I can read The Very Hungry Caterpillar or brush My Little Pony’s Hair (although that is super therapeutic for some reason!) so I wondered what I could do that would entertain her and also be fun for the other two when they get home from school, and this is what I came up with!

Tramp Balloons 5

Balloons, Water, Trampoline! Does not get much easier than that.

I added different amounts of water to some normal balloons (not water balloons as I don’t want them to pop) then blew them up the rest of the way and tied them off.

Tramp Balloons 4

Then add balloons to tramp, pop on an excited child to bounce, run & giggle!

Tramp Balloons 3

She had such fun with this one, the balloons make the funniest noise that sounded like a belly full of water, then she had to keep taking care of the “naughty” balloons that kept rolling off onto the springs to keep them by her. None popped so that was a bonus although I am sure when the big two get on there after school popping might become the aim!

Tramp Balloons 1

You may want to be a little careful that they do not land ON the balloons as they may twist their knees or fall funny but jumping around them and seeing the different heights they can bounce them too is such easy fun!

Next time we will add some balloons with rice in them – this makes a great noise and I remember doing this for them when they were little as shakers so will add to the fun and strange noises they make! Using a funnel add a few tsp of rice to each balloon then blow up the rest of the way – Done!

I hope your little ones enjoy this easy idea and feel free to share with your friends with tramps and little people. 🙂

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