Rainbow Soap Foam

Rainbow Foam 1

Saw this on ‘Fun at home with Kids’ and it looked easy enough so I thought I would test it out! It is so easy and the kids loved it! Its a little messy but its messy with dishwashing liquid so everything is now super clean!

Rainbow Foam 3

Cost is minimal – a little dishwashing liquid, water and colouring if you want so less than $1 to make!

Rainbow Foam 4

We used our clam shell pool but you can easily do this in a large tub or even just an ice-cream container for a small amount – just what you have around. It was good having the clam shell for the 3 kids to all have a place to get into it! Even the bath would be super fun & easy to clean up – ours ideally would have loved to get IN with the bubbles but they also said it was really cold!


2 TBSP of Dish Wash Liquid – I used Sunlight but any sort will do
1/4 cup water
Food Mixer
Food Colouring

Rainbow Foam 9


Add dish wash liquid, water & a few drops of colouring to your mixer bowl and add the whisk attachment.

Turn onto high to aerate the mixture until it forms soft peaks of lovely firm looking bubbles, then remove and scrape into whatever container you are using, then make more! I made one batch of each colour and 5 colours, this was more than enough and you can make less for a smaller tub.

Rainbow Foam 10

The kids loved it! Initially the feeling of it, joining the colours together and making rainbow swirls, how cold it felt. Then they got out their bath toys and had fun playing with them, blowing the bubbles around and making the all important bubble beards!

Rainbow Foam 6

I do recommend try this – you do not have to make it on the scale I did, as I said above a small container would still be fun, even with no food colouring so there is no mess.

Rainbow Foam 7

I hope you enjoy this great idea from ‘Fun at Home with Kids’ – check out their site, they have so many great ideas. Let me know if there is anything you see that you would like me to try out! http://www.funathomewithkids.com/2013/08/rainbow-soap-foam-bubbles-sensory-play.html

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Have a happy day! 😀

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Soap Foam

  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea and think I will organise this for my grandsons birthday – We are having a color theme and this will just be perfect!! Just one question… does it color their skin??

    • No, it does not colour them at all – makes their hands really clean if anything, it is basically just lots of bubbles with a little food colouring. Might colour you tho as you add the drops if you are as clumsy as me!! You will need to make the bubbles and play with them straight away for best results 🙂

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