Bobby Pins – Inconceivable!

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Well things just got real!

It has come to my attention that for the last 3 decades I have been doing something wrong, I’ve been duped!

What you might ask has me in such a flap – well here it is – Bobby Pins go in wavy side down!!!!

Bobby Pins 6

Some of you may be sitting there and saying “Yes, and?” and others may be thinking Just a Mums blog is now becoming top news journalism – what I can tell you is that I have had, as Oprah says, an “Ah-ha” moment!

Once I became aware of this a quick Google indeed confirms this……sort of.

Bobby Pins 4

Apparently it began with an article in Allure Magazine that Bobby Pins were always intended to be worn wavy side down – it clings to the hair better this way, gripping it and holding it in place longer. And this the revelation appears to have lit up the net! Blogs, posts, photos and wonder are everywhere.

So here I am to share this with you, what I can say is for me it totally makes sense! I have always wondered what the purpose of these little bits of metal are – they ALWAYS slide out of the girls hair, so mostly we use them for buns or French rolls. Well today during a very scientifically controlled experiment (family hiking trip) we found that 2 wee gold Bobby Pins stayed in some lovely slippery 3 year old blonde hair for over 3 hours! Amazing breaking news!

Bobby Pins 1(Exactly!)

Now from what I can find out on the always truthful internet is that some people claim it doesn’t make a difference, others claim that in the ‘old’ days this is how they were always worn, but because they were made to be hidden it was never a big deal, and others feel deflated, cheated and grief stricken that they have been WRONG for years – ah well yes perhaps those people need to find a new hobby.

Anyway, if my blog today does nothing else but make you think twice next time you pop in a Bobby Pin then my work here is done.

Comment below and let me know which way you do yours?

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Take Care πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Bobby Pins – Inconceivable!

  1. This must’ve been a popular fact traveling throughout the ‘net recently, because I came to the realization that I was doing it wrong all these years, too!

    But, good point! Why is all the decor facing the wrong side then?

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