Chima Lego Party – Invitations & Cupcakes

Chima Party 11My 9 year old is obsessed with Chima Lego, it has totally reignited his interest in his Lego which was waning as he got older. So when it came to his birthday party there was no question he would want Chima to be a part of it somehow!

As it was a pool party there was no games or fancy foods so we were limited to what needed to be Chima themed so we simply went with invites & cupcakes to show his love!

Now the tricky part- we are on a budget and there is not much Chima related stuff out there to purchase in NZ anyway as it is still relatively new. So we decided to get creative and make our own invitations & simply do cupcakes with Chima icing tokens on the top – easy!

I will share with you what I did here. I am not a party planning expert, not an arty crafty Mummy, nothing looks professional, its super homemade and I’m not a trained cake maker – I am Just a Mum!

Chima Party 1

First the invites – after much Googling and looking at our options we went with making our own. We do not have many fancy photoshop apps so just used what we had in Microsoft paint and it turned out ok!

Using an image of one of the characters from Google images we added writing to it using Paint on the computer, printed these and cut around them

Chima Party 5Chima Party 6


Then again using images of the characters we printed small ones and cut these into circles to pop on the envelopes – easy! Computer, printer, paper, ink, glue, envelopes, done!

Chima Party 2 Chima Party 3

That done we looked up what to do with the cake. This was to be a super simple pool party so I didn’t want to spent hours creating a custom character so decided cupcakes & icing toppers would be the easiest way to go. After searching Trade Me (similar to eBay) I found someone who makes these and for $11 I got myself 24 images to use.

I made my Easy Rich Chocolate Cupcakes the day before and then the night before the party I made blue butter cream icing, then using the blue pearls I purchased to look like Chi and the toppers we were good to go! I also made gluten free cupcakes using my Vanilla Cupcakes recipe replacing the flour with Gluten Free flour, also Gluten Free baking powder.

Chima Party 8 Chima Party 9

So in the end it worked out super well, kids liked the invites, loved the cupcakes and I managed to have a lovely stress free party using my sons favourite theme!

This can so easily be done with any theme you can think of, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know!

Thanks for checking out my blog, comments & likes make us bloggers feel super so let me know what you think!

Have a lovely happy day 🙂

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