Make your Own Bouncy Balls!

Bouncy Balls 7

My kids love bouncy balls – I kind of tolerate them!! 😉 Why you may ask?  Well by their very design they are super bouncy! In our kids lifetimes we have lost more bouncy balls in the spouting’s, forever lost in the flaxes or behind the telly than we have sitting safely in drawers, and as you all know that can sometimes end in tears…..

However, I was quite intrigued to come across this recipe. It has the same ingredients as my Silly Putty so I was pleased to be able to use the borax for something else.

And it really works! They are so bouncy I have rescued them from the flaxes, behind the bookshelf and one got lost behind the bathroom door! Such Fun!

Before you begin: Borax is commonly used as a laundry product and as such is not edible, these balls cannot be eaten or popped in the mouths of little ones so use your common sense with regards to the age appropriateness of this activity 🙂

What you will Need:

Bouncy Balls 1

◾two cups
◾measuring spoons
◾a stirring stick
◾2 TBSP hot water
◾1/2 teaspoon borax (I purchased this from Bin Inn or your local hardware store)
◾1 tablespoon PVA or Elmers Glue
◾1 tablespoon cornflour
◾food colouring (optional)

Bouncy Balls 3

In your first cup add 2 TBSP hot water and 1/2 tsp of Borax and combined until borax dissolved and set aside.

Bouncy Balls 2

In the second cup combine the glue, cornflour & food colouring.

Bouncy Balls 4

Then add 1/2 a teaspoon of the borax water mixture to the 2nd cup and mix well. The mixture will then stick to your stirring stick, remove from container and using your hands roll it firmly into a ball – I kept rolling and squeezing until I could no longer hear air bubbles. Once rolled into a ball give it a bounce!

Bouncy Balls 5

One recipe I found online did not think it was bouncy enough so they reduced the cornflour to 1/2 a Tablespoon – I did not try this but you can always experiment to see which is bouncier!

Bouncy Balls 6

Hard to show you how they bounce so you will just have to make them to see!

Thank you for checking our my fun kids activity, there are plenty more on here so please take the time to have a wander around while you are here 🙂

Bouncy Balls 8

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Happy Bouncing!



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