Kiwi Mummy Blog review – Star Wars Deluxe Darth Vader Costume

Darth Vader Review 3
I cannot tell you the excitement levels in our house when a proper Star Wars Darth Vader Costume arrived!! Currently my husband and 9 year old son are watching all of the movies so the girls have picked up on it and we seem to have star wars figurines, Legos, books & posters all over the place so it could not have come at a better time.

I was delighted to review this costume as so often I look at costume websites when various dress up days come around and wonder if they are worth the cost? is the quality ok? will it last? and most importantly for us will it do for different ages & sizes?

So the box arrived and the little ones gathered around for the grand opening – a bit like Christmas! And we were not disappointed, its the real deal. Much to our delight the mask fits the kids & the adults with a few modifications and the costume fit both my small 6 year old and juuuuust fit the 9 year old – I would say it would fit from ages of 4-7 at least quite comfortably (This one is a size Small USA size 4-6).

darth Vader Reivew 4

Sadly our Light Saber has seen better days so we did not include that in the photos – but we had lots of “I am your Father” moments!

All we needed were some black shoes and you could use black gloves if you had some to complete the look. We modified the helmet strap slightly to fit smaller heads which was easy enough to do, and the kids said it was comfy and light to wear, as was the costume.

Darth Vader review 2
To answer my questions above:

Is it worth the cost?

I believe it is, personally there is no way I could make this costume with all the detail anyway, but certainly the cost of the materials if you could even source them and the time involved why not buy one that arrives already made up & looks like the real deal!

Is the quality ok? Will it last?

The stitching & fabric work is really good, I would suggest if you have time once you receive it you hang it up for a day or so for the wrinkles to drop from the packaging, but the embellishments are well attached & of good quality. It will last as well as any costume – if its in the sandpit all day everyday it might not last as long as if you just use it for special occasions & hang it up!

Will it do a range of sizes?

As I said above my 6 year old and 9 year old got into it! My six year old is little so around a 4-5 year olds size and it was a little large on her but still looked good, so we got my 9 year old to carefully try it on and it was tight but fit – he would be the size of an average 8 year old. So you will certainly get use out of it for some years if you buy this size for them when they are young.

Darth Vader Review 1

You can order these and lots more awesome costumes at Pretty much any theme that is popular in your house can be found there. They also have their stock here onsite in NZ which is perfect for me as my kids tend to not give me a lot of advance warning of needing these things – their website states a 3 day delivery time so that is awesome and so much better than waiting weeks for something to come from overseas!

Thanks so much to for hooking us up – I have 3 very happy kids and I can see this costume will be one of the more popular in the dress up box!

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