Make your Own Glitter!

Homemade Glitter 4

Kids love making up homemade versions of every day things – and this homemade glitter is so easy to make with just 2 simple ingredients!

We have gone green today as St Patrick’s Day is coming up but you can make any colour of the rainbow and more, mixing and blending colours until you get the perfect shade.

What you will need:

Epsom Salts (ordinary salt will do but Epsom Salts shimmer and are a cool texture)
Food Colouring
Small Sealable Bags
Containers or Bags to store the finished glitter

Homemade Glitter 1


Add the desired portion of salt to the sealable bag and add a few drops of food colouring – seal the bag then mix, shake, blend and add more colouring if desired. We made a green one, dark green and a green mixed with yellow one – this vibrant goldie green is my favourite green at the moment – perfect for St Patrick’s Day!

Homemade Glitter 2

Once the salt & colouring are completely blended open the bags and air dry them – this may take any where from a few hours to up to a day depending on the amount of salt & colouring you have used.

Homemade Glitter 3

Once dry pop them in a container or air tight bags and use for any number of fun sparkly creations!

Homemade Glitter 6

How easy is that?

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Have a fabulous day! 😀

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