Clinkers Chocolate Slice

This is such an easy recipe to make – whipped this up today to share with some Mums tonight 🙂

Just A Mum

Chocolate Clinker Slice 91

I love Clinkers, they disappeared from the shelves here in NZ for a while but now are back – how much fun are they? Even as an adult I play a wee game where I try to guess the colour and just nibble a bit off the end to see if I am right! I LOVE yellow ones so always have a little stab of disappointment if its green, or worse pink! Yes I am a little weird! ha ha

So imagine my delight when I come across this slice by the lovely Lucy at Bake Play Smile and she has kindly agreed for me to share this recipe with you.

This is a no bake recipe, it  is easier with a food processor to crunch up the biscuits and clinkers, but you could use a bag and a hammer if you needed! So quick and easy to make up this will…

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