Strawberry Jelly Mousse Delight!

Jelly Mousse Delight 9

How gorgeous does this look! I have been wanting to try this ever since I saw it here at Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart a few weeks ago. Of course me being me I have turned in into a more Kiwi dessert with what I have in the cupboard! It is so simple, cheap & good for the waist line!

Jelly Mousse Delight7

The best bit about this recipe is you can make it with standard jelly & instant pudding (mousse) or quite easily change the ingredients with Weight Watchers or sugar free desserts!

Today I have made it with Weight Watchers products and the results are great!


1 pkt Jelly (Jello 85g or 3oz)
2 pkts Instant Pudding or Mousse (made according to packet directions)
Milk – for the instant pudding, skim or full cream depending on preference
Strawberries or Raspberries

Jelly Mousse Delight


Find wine glasses with stems that ensure they sit at the right angle in your chosen container – my tall pretty wine glasses were not quite right so the ones I chose were perfect – have a play and nowhere does it say they have to match! 😉

After checking out my cupboard I decided that ice-cream containers provided the perfect angle to set the glasses in, but you may choose a cake tin or even a shoe box! Whatever makes life easier for you and your fridge!

Jelly Mousse Delight 1

Make the jelly according to the packet directions, and add to this sliced strawberries.

Jelly Mousse Delight 2

Tilt your glass on an angle and add the jelly strawberry mixture and pop the glasses into the container. Carefully carry this to the fridge and cool for 2-4 hours or until well set. You could easily do this part in the morning before work or taking the kids to school and make the mousse later in the day.

Jelly Mousse Delight 3

Once jelly has chilled completely prepare your instant dessert/mousse according to the packet instructions.

Jelly Mousse Delight 4

Pour into the chilled jelly glasses and cool for 1 hour or until set.

Jelly Mousse Delight 5

To finish it off complete with a swirl of whipped cream (lite if being good!) and top off with some sliced strawberries & a little mint if you want to be super fancy!

Jelly Mousse Delight 6

How pretty does this look for something so simple.

Jelly Mousse Delight 8

A lovely easy Valentines or special occasion treat. You of course can make a mousse from scratch if you so desire or any other method you choose.

My valentines were 9 & 6 years old and they gave it the BIG thumbs up!

Enjoy 🙂

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my recipe today 🙂


4 thoughts on “Strawberry Jelly Mousse Delight!

    • It does look decadent but actually has very few calories! Yay! 🙂

      I have made this completely with diet or Weight Watchers products – the jelly has no calories at all, the Weight Watchers mousse and lite cream also contain very few calories – and well Strawberries are pretty good as well!

      You could make it with standard products if you choose but this is a lighter alternative. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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